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Welcome to our online store, we we have a collection of digital downloadable designs for Christmas wrapping paper and cards as well as limited edition photographic prints.

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Photographic Prints

Limited edition prints by Michael Potts. Each print is signed, numbered and... 

Stay at Lalande

The Chateau de Lalande, a magnificent 16th century chateau, lies nestled in the heart of France, amidst rolling meadows, ancient hedgerows and woodland. This corner of the Berry was described by the romantic novelist, George Sand, as la vallée noire, an enchanting earthly paradise.

Stay at Lalande

The Chateau Diaries

Back in 2005, I bought the Chateau de Lalande with my two best friends, Nic and Michael. Filled with optimism, we had no idea what epic adventures lay ahead. But little by little we tackled the renovation of this 16th century historic building, and filled it with friends and family from all over the world.

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